Vesta eCommerce + StrikeTru smallPIM

Stock your digital shelves with high quality product information

If you are struggling with excel sheet nightmares and your product content is inconsistent, inaccurate and scattered across many locations, we can help.


This combined solution from Vesta eCommerce + StrikeTru smallPIM powered by Akeneo includes powerful automation tools that significantly cut the manual workload associated with on-boarding vendor products and product information management.

The Benefits

A single source of truth for product information 

One trusted accurate source for all of your product information and assets. Create consistent messaging across all your channels, listings and catalogs fed from this central source.



Improve SEO with Vesta

Engaging content to boost sales conversions

Enrich your product content with unique descriptions,images, videos and documents. Ensure they are complete and accurate and easily adapt content for different channels or regions.

Products online faster & kept up to date over time

Automating the on-going sourcing of product information and updates from vendors and the preparation of that data for your online channels cuts hundreds of hours of manual work in spreadsheets.


A full end to end solution for Product Information Management that is affordable and fast to implement



Vesta + striketru smallPIM

How it works



Onboard product and pricing data from vendors and internal systems

Vesta will source and collate product data from almost any source. Including vendors or your internal systems such as ERP, DAM or eCommerce site. Automatic feeds from each source are set up so that product and pricing data updates continue to be collected over time.

Standardize & Validate the incoming product data

Data sourced from different vendors and internal systems will be divergent in formats, measurements and naming conventions. Through auto-mapping tools and Vesta's transformation engine, custom rules can transform the data to prepare it for your online store and channels.


Vesta's validation engine will also identify duplicates, empty fields and discontinued items to clean out out of date or unneeded items. Allowing you to feed your smallPIM with only relevant, useful data.

Build the data architecture - categories and variants

Product data architecture is the core foundation from which to build out product listings on your eCommerce store and channels. With Vesta, using custom rules and keyword technology we can automate the process of organizing your products into categories and building out variant structures

Manage product feeds across your channels

Great product feeds to digital shopping channels and marketplaces will ensure customers find and purchase your products.


Through a Vesta<>Akeneo connector your product content can flow directly to your smallPIM and from there onto your marketplace listings and other channels. smallPIM can also be used as the central source to supply content for print catalogs and brochures

Automate merchandizing & globalize content

Automate cross-categorization and product recommendations to generate cross-sell and up-sell.  Boost SEO through title and description generation. Make data based decisions from the metrics and reporting on conversion, order value, time-to-market, and operating costs.


Prepare your content to sell internationally with automated data translation. Setup region specific product hierachies, attributes, languages, currencies, units of measure, reference data, and product feeds with appropriate access controls.

Keep the data in your online listings up to date over time

Vesta continues to collect product and pricing updates from each of your data sources over time, so your smallPIM will automatically be updated with changes to pricing, new products, discontinued lines or any other product attribute updates.

Sebel Furniture

"We wanted one true source of data and the PIM was the best solution for that. But we couldn’t work with the PIM until we had prepared our product catalog.  This meant pulling information from various sources, getting it into a standard format, and organizing it into a strong architecture of categories and variants. 


Vesta came in and helped us with that as we had no idea where to start. They guided us through the whole process step by step and made it easy.  What has surprised me, is that with a new system, with so much data in it - on the whole, everything has run so smoothly.  smallPIM has been so easy and so user-friendly to start using in our business"



Shane Fellowes, Product Manager, Sebel


Read the Sebel Furniture Case Study


Discover how easy it is to transform your product information management with Vesta and smallPIM powered by Akeneo



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Have an expert at your side

We will work with you to understand your industry, your business and your goals. You will have a product data expert work together with you through the implementation process and on-going support. Including set up of automated product onboarding and complete training and support for your StrikeTru smallPIM.


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Have any questions? Talk to us!

Book a no obligation chat with one of our friendly experts.
After understanding your product data challenges, we can take you through a demo
of how Vesta works and talk more about how to get started.

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