Product Data Transformation

A powerful data cleansing tool for eCommerce product data

Do you receive product data from vendors in an array of inconsistent formats?


Vesta's Transformation Engine can automate the transformation of this data into the right format for your PIM or eCommerce store.
Improve productivity with Vesta eCommerce
Cut hours of manual work


Through automating product data cleansing for eCommerce

Consistent online shopping experience
Deliver a consistent shopping experience


Making it easier for visitors to shop and compare products on your eCommerce website.

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Improve SEO


With unique content such as product names to set you apart from others stocking the same brands.

What is Product Data Transformation and why is it important?


Data Transformation is the change of data from one format, structure, or value to another. For eCommerce, you can use data transformation tools to create structured and normalized product data to feed your eCommerce site.


For retailers and distributors sourcing product data from suppliers, data transformation is essential. This data cleansing is needed because incoming data feeds from suppliers are in inconsistent formats and structures. Generally, the product data is also not in the form needed to load to your PIM or online store.


Data cleansing work can be done manually in spreadsheets for small or straightforward product catalogs. But for large or complex product catalogs, the process is too slow and error-prone to manage effectively. Automated product transformation tools are needed for eCommerce businesses to scale their operations to manage the sourcing and cleaning of large product catalogs.


Using data transformation tools offers the benefits of organizing many diverse supplier data feeds into a normalized, consistent format with the right form and product classification to integrate with your PIM or eCommerce platform.

The Vesta Transformation Engine


Vesta eCommerce's Transformation Engine is an advanced cloud-based data transformation tool. Working together with a Vesta data consultant, select transformation scripts for each of your supplier feeds. With Vesta, you can create and maintain a cleansed, normalized, and optimized product catalog.



Product data transformations can include the following actions

  • Adding
  • Deleting
  • Replacing
  • Recalculating
  • Moving
  • Extracting
  • Sorting
  • Expanding
  • Replicating
  • Joining
  • Filtering
  • Photo editing

Examples of Product Data Transformations for eCommerce


With Vesta's library of scripts, a wide range of transformations can be run to suit specific business needs.


Below are some common data cleansing examples using the Vesta transformation engine.

Price Conversion 

Vesta takes the cost price given by the Supplier and adds on a calculation to give the customer his sell price.

Vesta can also work with transformations including rebates and multiple pricing levels.

Price Data Transformation
Price data transformation

Product Name Creation

Create unique product names, optimized for search, and consistent across your product catalog.  

Product name creation transformation
Product Name Data transformation


Products can be classified into categories based on keyword recognition from within the product name or product description.


Automated category classification
Category classification

Reduce option sets for optimized filtering

Supplier data might result in too many options within an option set for optimal on-site filtering. For example, color descriptions could be vast including descriptions such as Jewel Green, Sport Green, Melon, Sea green, etc. Using keyword recognition, Vesta can help rationalize those color options into a smaller set.

Color option sets
Color option sets

Product Normalization 

Supplier data may include acronyms to describe a product. For example, BLK may be used to identify that the product is available in black. Another supplier might use BK to identify a black color option for the product. Vesta uses a formula to identify these acronyms and expand them into the full word to be easier for website visitors to understand. 


Price Data Transformation
Price data transformation

Full service product data sourcing and cleansing with Vesta


Vesta's full range of services includes product data sourcing from suppliers. Establishing data feeds directly from your suppliers to receive the product data and updates continuously over time.


Once set up, the incoming data will automatically go through the data transformation and validation engines to be ready to flow from Vesta, through integrations to your PIM or eCommerce website.  Maintaining a high-quality level for your product data on-going.

Working with Vesta includes full guided support


Before getting started with Vesta, we will consult with you to determine the best solutions for your specific business challenges and goals.


During the implementation phase, a product data consultant will work with you to define the rules and transformations needed to optimize your data. Nothing technical is required, provide us with the necessary change in plain English, and our data transformation experts can do the rest.

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Have any questions? Talk to us!

Book a no obligation chat with one of our friendly experts.
After understanding your product data challenges, we can take you through a demo
of how Vesta works and talk more about how to get started.

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