Prepare data for your PIM with Vesta eCommerce

This first, necessary step of PIM implementation can be an overwhelming task if you have data that is unstructured,  in many locations, or it is has become old or out of date.

Vesta are experts in sourcing and cleaning product data. We can cut the heavy load for you in preparing your data for a PIM.

Save time with Vesta

Speed up your PIM implementation time

Vesta's data automation tools, cut our hours of manual work. So you can have the benefit of your full range in the PIM, sooner.

Fill your PIM will quality, accurate product data

The value you get from your PIM system is directly dependent on the quality of the data you feed into it.

Keep your PIM data up to date over time

With Vesta, product and pricing updates are fed into your PIM overtime making sure the information in the PIM remains accurate.

Vesta connects with your PIM to feed it with clean, structured product and pricing data updates over time

Vesta eCommerce prePIM

How Vesta prepare your data for migration to your PIM

Source your data from vendors and internal systems

Vesta will source and collate product data from almost any source. Including vendors or your internal systems such as ERP, DAM or eCommerce site. Automatic feeds from each source are set up so that product and pricing data updates continue to be collected over time.

Map and merge the attributes together by product

Different attributes for each product may come from different sources. For instance, pricing and product codes may come from an ERP system, images either direct from vendors or from a DAM. Vesta can bring the attributes from different sources together into a single product file.

Build the data architecture - Categories and Variants

Product data architecture is the core foundation from which to build out product listings on your eCommerce store and channels. With Vesta, using custom rules and keyword technology we can automate the process of organizing your products into categories and building out variant structures.

Product Data classification

Standardize attributes to consistent formats and naming

The same attributes from different vendors or sources may be in a range of different formats, measures or styles. For example - weights may come in kg, g, lb or oz.  Vesta's transformation can use custom rules to standardize the incoming data so you have a consistent data set for your online store.

Identify discontinued, duplicate and out of data

Validating the data to clean out old, out of date or unneeded items is a key part of the process. Feed your PIM with only relevant, useful data and keep it accurate over time.

Automate product updates to feed into the PIM over time

Vesta continues to collect product and pricing updates from each of your data sources over time, so your PIM will automatically be updated with changes to pricing, new products, discontinued lines or any other product attribute updates.

Vesta can integrate with any PIM, including -

Jasper PIM

''At Jasper PIM, incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent product data is a big issue we see holding companies back.   Most of the merchants we encounter have product information in over a dozen places at times, and have various departments working very inefficiently to manage them all.  


Once a merchant has made the decision to bring this information together into a single, manageable source, gathering that product data and getting it to a certain quality standard is the first, necessary step of PIM implementation.


Vesta are experts in this area, streamlining the process of data sourcing and validation and setting up workflows to maintain data accuracy over time.


For us, working with Vesta means we can speed up a client’s timeline significantly to get them up and running with their Jasper PIM sooner.’’

Jon Marsella, Jasper PIM, CEO

Sebel Furniture

"We wanted one true source of data and the PIM was the best solution for that. But we couldn’t work with the PIM until we had prepared our product catalog.  This meant pulling information from various sources, getting it into a standard format, and organizing it into a strong architecture of categories and variants. 


Vesta came in and helped us with that as we had no idea where to start. They guided us through the whole process step by step and made it easy.  What has surprised me, is that with a new system, with so much data in it - on the whole, everything has run so smoothly."


Shane Fellowes, Product Manager, Sebel


Read the Sebel Case Study

Have an expert at your side

At Vesta, we work with you to understand your industry, your business and your goals. You will have a product data expert work together with you through the whole process of getting your product data prepared for your PIM, and set up to continue to keep that data updated over time.


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Have any questions? Talk to us!

Book a no obligation chat with one of our friendly experts.
After understanding your product data challenges, we can take you through a demo
of how Vesta works and talk more about how to get started.

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